10 Great Horror Movies About Hidden Gems

Horror has always been one of the most passionate and dedicated fandoms in pop culture. While there are many infamous franchises and horror films such as Friday the 13th as well as A Nightmare on Elm Street, many excellent horror films remain out of the mainstream’s radar. With so many ongoing franchises, fans often want to see forgotten or hidden gems.

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With so many horror films being made every year, it’s easy for critics and fans to miss out on some of the fun stuff. Over the years, there has been a hidden treasure trove of great but unknown horror movies that fans would love to see. Fans are always on the lookout for new films to sink their teeth into.

Directed by horror legend Tobe HooperThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre), 2004 Toolbox kills brought the director’s trademark claustrophobic horror style. The film is about an unknown man who commits a series of murders in a small residential complex in Los Angeles.

The story centers around a young woman named Nell who is trying to uncover the sudden disappearances and deaths of her neighbors. However, her search for answers brings her face to face with a terrifying killer who lives in the shadows of the building. Toolbox kills although it went largely unnoticed, it is a creepy and gripping film.

9 Hush is a great survival story

Quiet In the center of the plot is a deaf woman living in a secluded house in the forest. While she is hard at work, a masked man emerges from the forest, seeking to taunt her and hunt her with a bow and arrow. However, upon learning of her hearing loss, he turns it into a grim game of cat and mouse.

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After learning that she is being hunted, Maddie is forced to overcome her fear of the masked man. While the odds seem to be stacked against her, the young woman proves strong against her attacker and has an incredible fight for survival.

eight The Watermen is a captivating classic slasher

Water takes its cue from horror films such as wrong turn showing several killers chasing a group of friends. It all starts with a fun summer boat ride, but a group of friends are picked up on the water by a team of mysterious people. After their meeting, the story takes a dark turn.

Caught alone on a small island, young friends defend their lives from their bloody kidnappers. With little means of escaping to an unknown location, the friends are forced to face their captors, who in turn hunt them as prey.

7 Them – French horror at its best

Themalso known as Ily in French, has much in common with Strangers. The film is about a young couple who live in a large country house where they are terrorized by strange, hidden intruders. The couple is forced to hide in their home from unseen attackers.

With an unknown number of attackers in their home, the couple use their wits to try and survive. Them is one of the most intense survival slashers in the genre and a must see for true fans. A fierce battle means life and death for the main characters.

6 Daybreakers turns the vampire genre on its head

Starring Ethan Hawke and Sam Neill. Dawns brings a new twist to vampire horror movies. The story takes place in a world where human civilization has almost completely turned into a society ruled by vampires, with only a few people left alive as livestock or rebels.

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However, vampire society faces a threat. Not only are they close to running out of blood, hunger also turns them into monstrous creatures. Since the vampire Edward Dalton (Hawke) is friendly to humans, he sets out to find a cure to restore the human race.

5 Splinter is a nail-biting zombie feature film.

Splinter sees an unlikely and forced team between a young couple and a pair of criminals on the run. However, the film takes a dark turn. A pair of fugitives take young bystanders and their car at gunpoint, forcing them to drive away from the authorities.

When the group needs to stop at a gas station, they are almost immediately attacked by animals and humans under the control of a strange parasite. Those infected are marked by the presence of splinter-like spines on their bodies that act as parasites. Splinter this is an exciting movie for horror lovers.

four Jackals pit family against ruthless cult

Jackals begins with a family that hopes to “deprogram” one of their sons from the clutches of a cult. With an expert on their side, they start trying to save their son. However, the cult arrives in the surrounding woods, which soon turns the story into a story of survival.

A family vastly outnumbered and given an ultimatum by a cult must confront a masked group from their home. Jackals focused on the family’s survival amid their desperate battle to rescue their son from the clutches of a terrifying cult.

3 Monster Man is a great horror comedy

monster man is a great light-hearted comedy horror movie where two friends go on a road trip and one of the main characters hopes to rekindle a relationship with an old girlfriend. The film, although a comedy, has a great horror plot that will remind fans of movies like wrong turn or Jeepers Creepers.

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After picking up an attractive hitchhiker, the three travelers run away from a hidden monster man who is driving a monster truck. As they try to evade the man and his truck, the unseen stalker terrorizes the travelers relentlessly.

2 Soldier dogs show British troops fighting werewolves

A cult classic horror film set in the Scottish Highlands. dog soldiers follows a squad of British Army soldiers on an exercise. While moving through the hills, the party soon realizes that they are being hunted by a pack of wild mysterious beasts.

As the soldiers take shelter in the house, they try to survive the night against the relentless onslaught of the mythical monsters. With limited ammo, wounded friends, and a potential threat from within, the soldiers find themselves fighting for their survival.

one The Void Is Peak Lovecraftian space horror

Emptiness The action takes place, as in many great horror films, in a small town. The story begins with a man running from an apparent murder, only to be picked up by the police. When an officer takes a suspect to a local hospital, the horror ensues and the people inside must fight for their lives.

With a cult surrounding the hospital and a cosmic threat within, a handful of defenders slowly uncover a terrible turn of events within the walls. Space creatures, a creepy doctor, a nefarious cult, and an otherworldly menace make this movie one of the underrated horror movies.

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