10 horror movies where the opening is scarier than the ending

Content Warning: This article deals with topics such as suicide, infanticide, and violence.Jaws is back in theaters and offers arguably one of the most unsettling opening scenes of any horror film. Films in this genre tend to balance the beginning and end as two effective extremes that induce fear. The opening usually creates an atmosphere using the unknown as a means to create tension, while the ending often counts on a thrilling climax and shocking twists and turns.

However, in many cases, the opening minutes of a horror movie stand out as the scariest moments of a movie because anything can happen, showing how the horror genre can often be a box of surprises.


ten Future Crimes (2022)

Crimes of the future advertised as one of the most grotesque horror films of the year, but ended up being more of an existential horror film about the body than scary. However, the opening minutes are extremely depressing and are held in a dimly lit atmosphere that hints more than once that something terrible is about to happen.

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A quiet boy wanders around the house eating plastic containers, and his mother, in a fit of disgust and anger, suffocates him with a pillow and leaves his corpse for his father to find. The rest of the film, especially the ending, is very gripping and most of the conflicts are resolved through dialogue or off-screen events, gradually turning the narrative into a contemplative horror film and keeping the creepiness of the opening scene in the background.

9 It Follows (2014)

Should offers several possible endings, and the audience must decide which one seems right to them. The ambiguous final moments, while uncomfortable and effective given the film’s atmosphere, don’t quite surpass the film’s mysterious opening minutes, where a frightened teenager flees from an unseen force and seeks the safety of a beach. Suddenly, the film cuts to the same girl brutally murdered on the beach in daylight.

Should has one of the worst curses in horror films, and the less the audience knows about it, the scarier it is. This is the kind of film where the unknown works almost like a character, an invisible force that gradually lures the characters down a dead end alley. The shocking opening scene brilliantly creates that constant atmosphere of desperation.

eight Halloween (1978)

Whole halloween The franchise offers a number of iconic opening scenes, but the first film clearly stands out as a classic. Following Michael Myers as a child through his disguised point of view as he spied on his sister Judith, no one could have expected what was to come in the early hours. Myers silently approaches Judith and suddenly starts stabbing her repeatedly.

While the film’s final climax is also very gruesome, there’s something about the way it unfolds that indicates Laurie survives, while the opening scene clearly puts Judith Myers’ character in immediate danger, with no chance of redemption for her or for Michael. Myers.

7 Scream (1999)

Opening sequence scream manages to enable every aspect of the franchise in just a few minutes. Portraying Drew Barrymore as the innocent Casey Becker, a seemingly joking game turns into a complete nightmare after Casey realizes she’s being stalked by a dangerous assassin. Despite the frightening anticipation of something terrible, the film manages to add a touch of humor to the tense moments leading up to Casey’s death.

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Unlike the beginning, the ending scream turns into a chaotic but effective chain of shocking revelations. The climax of the twists and turns quickly gives way to comical and absurd situations, and the horror elements become a skillful highlight of the genre’s sharp satire.

6 Suicide Club (2001)

Despite the unreliable effects used and the almost cartoonish amount of blood on the screen, the opening scene Suicide Club remains one of the most difficult horror films to watch to this day. Before delving into the conspiracies and perils of media culture, the film uses shocking value from the start to take audiences by surprise.

Ending on an enigmatic tone and leaving room for multiple interpretations, the film’s final moments aren’t nearly as gruesome as the opening scene, where 54 teenagers line up in front of a breach in a train station and simultaneously throw themselves in front of an oncoming train. The gory but extremely over-the-top scene shows in graphic detail how bodies turn into bloody mush and heads are blown off by the wind.

5 A Quiet Place Part 2 (2021)

Creative worldbuilding and atmospheric horror of the first Quiet place left viewers wanting more, so the sequel was immediately eagerly anticipated. First 10 minutes Part II arguably the scariest of the duology, and give an exciting taste of what a prequel could have looked like.

Following the Abott family on the day of the creature invasion, the opening scene, which begins on a seemingly normal sunny day, turns into complete chaos as alien monsters start attacking people on the streets. What makes the scene even more horrifying is the fact that by then no one knew that sound was the weakness of the creatures and everyone was in danger.

four This (2017)

Both it The miniseries and the book’s opening sequence were legendary, so Andy Muschietti knew he had to present something at least on the same level to convince the audience. Taking a much more violent approach, the film closely follows little George having fun with the paper boat his brother made for him before stumbling upon the terrifying Pennywise hiding in a storm drain.

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Pennywise’s attack is sudden and violent, and while the bizarre CGI of the clown’s teeth may distract some viewers from the action, it doesn’t make the scene any less frightening. It’s a great example of an effective jump scare, and while there are plenty of them in the rest of the movie, the ending is much more focused on the strong friendship that binds these characters together than it actually scares the audience.

3 Jaws (1975)

Jaws is a true classic that cannot be rebooted, which is why it was returned to theaters. Now is the perfect time to revisit the perfect opening scene. He counts on a disturbing score, he changes perspective to create a sense of disorientation, the tension slowly builds to create a terrifying scene, and then there is a cult attack by an unknown force on a woman bathing on the beach. , and finally, complete silence, when the shark triumphs and flies away without a trace.

The rest is history, but Jaws perhaps this is a film that explores many genres beyond horror. While much of the first hour relies on horror elements to create a beautiful atmosphere of imminent danger, the final shark encounter is more of an adventure story. The combat is exciting and tense, but the anticipation of fear that the opening scene evokes is completely different.

2 28 weeks later (2007)

If the rest 28 weeks later was slightly as terrifying as its opening minutes, the film could easily be one of the scariest zombie films ever made. Accompanied by a frenetic soundtrack, a group of survivors resort to desperate measures to survive: amidst the chaos of zombies infesting this place, there is betrayal, loss, suspense and no time to look back.

Unfortunately, the film quickly derails as the story shifts to a conspiracy thriller revolving around an uninteresting family drama. It’s still a gripping movie due to the great action scenes, but the ending doesn’t quite fit the landing compared to the film’s harrowing opening moments.

one Final Destination (1999)

It’s impossible to talk about the incredible opening scenes without mentioning the movie that made it into a franchise. Even with all the different characters, settings, and plots, the most important part of any Destination the movie is an opening scene that always offers an unforgettable bloodbath and is always more gory or scary than any other death in the movie.

The first film begins with a teenager having a horrifying vision of his friends dying in a plane crash. The rest of the film follows a group of teenagers killed by Death after a vision prevents them from dying on a plane, but seeing each character die at the same time right in the film’s opening minutes is perhaps the most impactful moment. movie.

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