10 Movies Half Good and Half Bad According to Reddit

Fans have been wondering what Quentin Tarantino’s tenth and final film will be for some time now, but one thing’s for sure: it won’t be cancelled. Django and Zorro crossover movie. The director worked on the crossover sequel for a while before realizing the budget would be too high. But some Reddit users didn’t even approve of the world famous original movie, thinking that the second half pales in comparison to the first half.


Redditors have been debating which movies have crooked halves, whether it’s the first or second half of a movie that’s way worse than the other half. Between the already classic Tarantino film and the only semi-epic star Wars a film and a viking film that is more about farming than revenge, these films should either be turned off or turned on halfway through.

Hancock (2008)

While most superhero movies are comic book adaptations, Hancock – one of the few superheroes who were actually created for the screen. But despite being a box office hit and earning $630 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo), it hasn’t caught on with the cult following of comic book-based superhero movies. This is partly due to mixed reviews from critics, with Outerzenith noting that the second half suffers from an obsessive romantic plot.

Redditor explains: “Firstly, it’s a pretty fresh twist on the superhero genre, how an indifferent guy with superpowers has to fit in with society and reshape his image from a bastard to a role model. Then should they add romance to it?” The first half of the 2008 film is a bit Dead Pool at its own game as it follows a hilarious, reluctant anti-hero that does more harm than good, but the last half is almost like another movie. However, the film has its fans, and some believe Hancock this is the best standalone superhero movie.

Idiocracy (2006)

Idiocracy is one of the most accurate dystopian films, as it best predicts the future of humanity. Even though the film is quite fantastical and far-fetched, much of what it depicts can be seen in today’s society. The film opens with a smart and wealthy couple waiting to have children until the economy stabilizes, which never happens, while a couple living in a trailer park have as many children as they can.

It’s the start of a 40-minute hilarious satirical comedy, but AreWeCowabunga thinks it drops off significantly after that. Redditor states, “The first half is about building a world where they have the freedom to do whatever they want, then the story takes over and they just have to make it to the end.”

Wolverine (2013)

Callmemacready thinks Logan’s second walk Wolverine, has incredibly jagged halves. Redditor claims, “The first part is great, very similar to Miller’s comic, but then turns into the usual clash of giant CGI robots.” The first part is an excellent and believable adaptation of Frank Miller’s best comic book, but unfortunately it has a clichéd and underwhelming final act.

But Redditor is being a little unfair, as the CGI fest takes place in the last part of the film, which is far less than half of the two-hour movie. But either way, the film falls short when it should tie everything together, as not only is the bad CGI distracting, but the ending feels so rushed. And while director James Mangold redeemed himself with a sequel, Loganits final act again runs into the same problem.

Rogue One (2016)

No one would ever have thought that the spin-off prequel movie would be better than any of the sequel trilogy, but despite everything, most fans rated it higher than any of them. However, Redgunnerguy is more critical of the film than others, commenting that the second half is much better than the first.

Redditor explains: “It goes from a very boring spy movie to an amazing war movie. Until the moment when HE appears. After being rather slow and twisty in the first half, it then turns into an epic battle that lasts the entire last hour, and for the first time in the franchise, it feels like a real “star war”. Not only that, but one of the best fight scenes in the hallway when Vader shows up and kills half of the rebels.

Django Unchained (2012)

Better_Maximum2682 thinks that Django Unchained, one of the most popular films of the 2010s, Turns to Trash After First Half. Redditor is not alone, as many of the second part have been criticized by others, even if it is one of the best works of Quentin Tarantino.

When Dr. King Schultz kills Calvin Candy in front of all his guards, it’s so unusual. Schultz didn’t do anything, but he planned everything so carefully from the very beginning of the scene, so it doesn’t make sense that he did something so spontaneous, especially knowing that it would probably end in a massacre in which he and possibly even Django would die. . And after that, just as the movie seems to be coming to an end, there’s another act where Django is sold to Australian slave owners, only for Django to end up back at Candy’s ranch.

Fantastic Four (2005)

Marvel Studios is developing Fantastic Four The film is set in the MCU and is one of the studio’s most exciting releases. But this isn’t the studio’s first attempt at making a gripping Hollywood movie about Marvel’s first superheroes. The 2005 release was a camp and boorish take on the source material and was universally hated, but ArchDucky thinks the film has some merit in its first half.

Redditor comments: “Honestly I know what I’ll get for this shit, but first Fantastic Four. The first hour of this film is actually very good. It just fell apart at the end when they had to do super stuff.” The first hour doesn’t take itself even remotely seriously and the family is surprisingly flippant about catastrophic events, but it’s undeniable that there’s a lot of chemistry between the cast and their interactions were a lot of fun.

Looper (2012)

Hier00 points to Looper, a 2012 sci-fi action movie, for having two very skewed halves. Redditor explains: “The first half was good, the second half was downright terrible. After the middle, it’s a completely different film.” The user is not mistaken, as the film switches from a sci-fi film about time-traveling hit men to one about a boy with advanced telekinetic abilities.

It’s like two halves of two completely different films cut and pasted together. While the movie often reminds viewers that telekinesis exists in the world in the first hour, it feels completely out of place. And while the second half offers some interesting concepts, it’s not the kind of movie that was sold to audiences as part of a marketing campaign.

Northerner (2022)

Northerner it may have blew up at the box office (via Box Office Mojo), but so far it has become the favorite movie of the year for many people. While it’s essentially a typical revenge movie, it’s such a unique film that uses Norse mythology in such a fantastical way. But Elderfuthark thinks the second half is lacking compared to the action-packed and thrilling first half. Redditor claims, “Frantic Scandinavian epic in the first half, rugby match and tundra farming in the second.”

The first 90 minutes of the film show the Vikings invading the villages and displaying excessive violence. In the second half, Amlet is engaged in work on the farm. But while this leaves viewers wondering why he doesn’t kill Fjolnir anywhere on the farm when he has so many chances, it does at least lead to an epic final battle on an erupting volcano that is more exciting than anything in the first part. . half.

Funny People (2009)

While director Judd Apatow has some classics under his belt, such as knocked as well as 40 year old virgin, funny people may be his greatest work. Not only is it one of the longest comedy films out there, but it’s also ridiculously self-referential, as Adam Sandler plays an exaggerated version of himself, doing goofy comedies for a paycheck – only he returns to stand-up comedy after being diagnosed with cancer.

Beeblebrox41 considers only half to be a masterpiece, noting, “The first half is Apatow’s best film. The second half is close to its worst.” The movie seems to end halfway through when George Simmons (Sandler) beats cancer, but it goes on for another hour as he tries to win back his ex-girlfriend, who is happily married with kids, and it’s just weird. and unpleasant.

Halloween Kills (2021)

After critical acclaim in 2018 halloween Reboot, which also became the franchise’s highest-grossing film to date (according to Box Office Mojo), director David Gordon Green struggled to catch lightning in a bottle twice. halloween kills almost comically bad, and the line that recurs so many times throughout the film: “Evil dies tonight!” was a meme to infinity.

However, if it’s any consolation, Speedgo1 thinks it’s only half bad. Redditor comments: “I think the first half halloween kills really good. Memory. Setting. I was sure it would be a good film until the second half came out.” Halloween is endingwhich will be released later this year, hopefully the series can end on a high note.

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