10 Treats We Love at Spokane’s Pig Out Restaurant in the Park

Pig in the park has begun. Riverfront Park in Spokane is back after a three-year hiatus caused by the pandemic. It’s time to celebrate! It’s time to pamper yourself:

  • Shrimp tacos
  • chicken gyroscopes
  • Deep fried macaroni and cheese
  • Corndogs
  • Hot dogs in bacon
  • French fries
  • Syrki
  • barbecue ribs
  • Grilled Triple Cheese Sandwich
  • Sushi Burrito
  • Lobster fries
  • Southern roasted corn on the cob
  • Moose burgers
  • Nachos Supreme
  • And more!

Look, this is not a healthy eating convention. It’s time to relax. Indulge. And enjoy six days of live music, arts and crafts, quick lunches, dirty dinners and good people watching. Achieve this with a crunchy, crumbly, cold or fruity treat.

Personally, I love Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Oddly enough, I prefer fragrances named after Late Night TV hosts; Tonight Dough with Jimmy Fallon; American Dream by Steve Colbert. But I swear it’s not just because I’m a fan of comedians – these are some of the best Ben and Jerry films.

Dippin’ Dots is another fun ice cream, but somehow less filling than traditional ice cream. Remember how conversational dots were when they first appeared? They are still delicious and fun.

Ice shaving (ice shaving, if you will) never interested me, but the north coast of Hawaii made me believe.

Yes, it’s clear that I prefer frosty treats, but I also love baseball corn. And bringing a bag of mini donuts with you is always a fun way to make dessert. It can also be romantic if you continue the date and stroll down the sidewalks in the city center, each of you will reach out in that single bag of goodies and take it at the same time from time to time.

So, these are my favorite meals, but below I have compiled a delicious Pig in the Park list of 10 appetizer and dessert suggestions. You will surely find something to love.

10 Treats We Love at Spokane’s Pig Out Restaurant in the Park

  • Ben and Jerry Spokane, Facebook

    Ben and Jerry Spokane, Facebook

    Ben and Jerry ice cream

    How good is Ben and Jerry? They’re so good that when you want them, you don’t say, “Let’s go get some ice cream.” You say, “Let’s get Ben and Jerry!”

  • Photo by Joanna Kosinskaya on Unsplash

    Berry Ka Bob

    For some reason, when you eat outdoors, it tastes better on a stick. Fruit and chocolate are no exception.

  • Cheesecakes Charlie, Facebook

    Cheesecakes Charlie, Facebook

    Cheesecakes Charlie

    Hayden, an Idaho caterer, is a perennial favorite at Pig Out in the Park.

  • Photo by Emilio Guzman on Unsplash


    The nature of cotton candy

    Yes, it gets sticky and messy. But it smells so good and it’s like eating a cloud!

  • Photo by Albany Capture on Unsplash

    fried kindness

    Even better than deep fried food on a stick… whatever.

  • Dot dive, Facebook

    Dot dive, Facebook

    Point diving

    Remember when you first tried Dippin’ Dots? I’m willing to bet. They invented their own category of cold treats.

  • 7

    Kona Ice

    Shaved ice is a staple in Hawaii, and thanks to the Kona Ice of Spokane, it has become a summer treat in the interior northwest as well.

  • Mary Lou milk bottle, Facebook

    Mary Lou milk bottle, Facebook

    Mary Lou ice cream

    The milk bottle is iconic. Ice cream is delicious.

  • Old Fashion Kettle Corn Co., Facebook

    Old Fashion Kettle Corn Co., Facebook

    Old Fashion Kettle Corn Co.

    My God, the corn in the kettle… You always think that there is too much food in the bag, and the next moment you realize that it is gone.

  • Sweet snack attack, Facebook

    Sweet snack attack, Facebook

    Sweet snack attack

    Good things are small, soft, powdery, and cinnamon-flavored.

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