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– A Cadillac pub opens where the Klingers used to be at 24 E. Main Street in Fleetwood.

– II-VI Inc. (pronounced “two-six”) will become Coherent Corp., taking the name of the company it recently acquired.

– ABEC, a pharmaceutical services and products company headquartered in Northampton County, is investing in a new disposable container plant in North Carolina.

– On Saturday, September 10th at 11:00 am on Saturday, September 10th, the new Lehigh Valley Martial Arts Center will be inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting event shortly after.

– The Bethlehem Township Planning Board has approved a 248-space Amazon parking lot at Broadhead and Mowrer Streets.

– The Bethlehem Zoning Hearing Board has denied waiver requests that would have allowed the construction of tenements on the Southside site at 508-512 Selfridge St.

– Northampton County Council voted 1-8 against tax credits for a proposed warehouse at the Dixie Cup building on South 25th Street in Wilson County.

– The former Valley Farmers Market, now known as Gerrity Valley Farmers Market, will be renamed Gerrity’s Fresh Grocer from October 14th.

– Hamsa Exoticz is already open at the Lehigh Valley Mall, but will have a grand opening at 5:00 pm on September 16th at the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce.

– The new Home Depot will open a 136,048-square-foot facility on 21 acres of vacant land near Hamilton Boulevard in Lower Makungi Township.

– Rocco Aivazov’s Monocacy General Contracting received approval from the Bethlehem Planning Commission to build a six-story building with 55 apartments and retail space on the ground floor at 128 E. Third St.

– The old Allen Organ showroom building on Route 100 in Lower Makungi Township will be demolished and approximately 100 apartments will be built.

– Reading Hospitality’s Catering by DoubleTree will cater for events at the Reading Country Club after Exeter Township leaders have approved the new agreement.

– Natural healing is the goal of Reike Balance, which opens September 9th at Reading Avenue in West Reading.

– The Pocono Chamber of Commerce held the grand opening of the Farmhouse Cafe branch in Bartonsville.

– A date for the opening of the historic Frenchtown Inn overlooking the Delaware River in New Jersey remains unclear.

– River Paws, a pet supply store, is across Race Street from the Frenchtown Pharmacy.

– The scheduled reopening date of August 13 for the Toby Cup has been pushed back after the owners said a home occupancy dispute on the hot dog stand was delaying the reopening.

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