7 HBCU movies and TV shows worth watching on Xfinity right now

Just in time for the start of the school season, we’re releasing our favorite HBCU series and movies to give viewers a glimpse into historic black college campuses. This compilation of TV shows, movies, and more offers something for anyone who wants to learn about HBCU, their campus culture, and their contribution to Black culture in general. So grab some snacks, get comfortable and get busy with them.

stomp the yard

The film is about DJ Williams, a performance artist who goes to HBCU Truth University in Georgia to start a new life. His educational efforts take a backseat when two fraternities interested in him enter a stepping competition. After moving to his chosen fraternity, Theta, the DJ joins his fraternity brothers in preparation for a tap show. The DJ finds himself in the spotlight of two fraternities, one hoping to use his talents to win a step competition, and the other wanting him to leave his campus.

Another world

Just in time to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the show we’re revisiting Another world. Hillman College is the setting for a cult classic. Another world, which follows the cast as they travel far from home and alone for the first time. This show was one of the first to chronicle the experiences of young black students graduating in America. The show touched on racial and social issues long before other shows were ready to do the same. Another world ahead of its time and a must see.

drum line

Marching bands are an important part of HBCU life and arguably the best part of any HBCU homecoming game. Drumline gives audiences an idea of ​​what it takes to create the rhythm and musicality that HBCU orchestras are known for. The film follows talented drummer Devon Miles as he tries to adjust to life at Atlanta A&T and clashes with his section leader. This story takes place against the backdrop of Atlanta A&T preparing for a national battle of the bands competition.

All American: Homecoming

The show follows Damon, a baseball superstar from Chicago, and Simone, a tennis aspirant from California, as they explore the world of elite sports at the (fictional) Bringington University HBCU. After journalism teacher (and Simone’s aunt) Amara Patterson exposes a high school scandal involving the baseball team, new coach Marcus Turner works to lead the team to a fair championship. Follow the characters as they find their place in Bringston, where black perfection is a way of life.

Tell Them We’re Rising: A History of Black Colleges and Universities

Viewers who want to learn about the history of the HBCU and how they affected America should definitely watch this documentary. The HBCU produced some of the nation’s greatest leaders and were the nerve centers of major social movements. More recently, many historically black colleges and universities have struggled to keep their doors open. This documentary takes viewers through it all and provides insight into how we can help HBCU continue to develop black voices.

Twenty Pearls: An Alpha Kappa Alpha Story

“Twenty Pearls: The History of Alpha Kappa Alpha” is the story of the first Black Greek Letter Organization founded by women at Howard University in 1908. highlighting the historic election of AKA member Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States.

Homecoming: A Beyoncé Film

Homecoming showcasing Beyoncé’s performance at Coachella 2018. Beyoncé was the first black woman to headline the festival and gave us all the brilliance we’ve come to expect from the HBCU’s halftime homecoming show. From majorette-inspired dance moves to “Bey” drum majors, Bey’s performance at Coachella shed some well-deserved light on this part of the culture.

Whether you’re looking to learn or feel nostalgic, these classic shows and movies have a lot to offer you.

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