Apple Watch Ultra dive computer not available until this year

One of the most impressive features shown in Apple’s presentation was the functionality of the Apple Watch Ultra dive computer. This effectively allows the new rugged watch to completely replace a specialized dive computer.

However, anyone who just got their Apple Watch Ultra and wants to put on their scuba gear and head to the nearest coral will have to wait a bit…

Apple’s web page for the Ultra initially looks like it’s ready to dive in:

Built to withstand jet skiing in Maunalua Bay or kitesurfing in the gorge. The Apple Watch Ultra has a new depth gauge. It also provides the data and functionality required by scuba divers and free divers to dive to depths of up to 40 meters.

EN13319 certified. The world-renowned standard for diving accessories.

But just below there is a “Coming Soon” icon.

Soon. Fully featured dive computer. Developed in collaboration with renowned diving innovators Huish Outdoors, the Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra puts a real dive computer on your wrist8. Designed for recreational scuba diving and freediving down to 40 meters with all the essential features a divers need. It is also very easy to use.

The built-in Depth app comes preinstalled, but Apple specifically warns that it can’t be used as a dive computer.

During recreational underwater activities such as snorkeling, swimming in an underwater pool, and freediving in shallow water, the Depth app can show you important information. The Depth app shows the current time, your current depth, the maximum depth of the session you were underwater, and the water temperature.

Underwater activities are dangerous. The Depth app is not a dive computer and does not provide information about decompression stops, gas analysis, or other recreational diving features. If you’re using an Apple Watch Ultra where device failure could result in death, injury, or severe environmental damage, always use an optional depth gauge and timer/watch. Before diving, make sure your Apple Watch Ultra is not cracked or otherwise damaged.

Once the Oceanic+ app is available, you will have an Apple Watch Ultra certified dive computer.

Dive planner with local knowledge. The Oceanic+ iPhone app goes beyond just calculating depth and time by integrating local conditions like tides, water temperature, and even community input like visibility and currents. Or just use the watch to plan your dive quickly and easily.

Metrics that make more sense. Most dive computers require a complex sequence of button presses to get what you want. Oceanic+ allows you to access additional screens by simply turning the Digital Crown. It uses color coding on a large, bright display to make complex information easier to understand.

Security never stops. All the safety warnings you would expect from a dive computer are included in Oceanic+, from decompression limits to excessive ascent rates and safety stops. The app runs the Buehlmann decompression algorithm to continually calculate and monitor dive parameters, giving you the data you need at a glance.

data after the dive. From sea to clouds. Get dive data immediately after surfacing, including GPS entry and exit points. It automatically syncs with your iPhone and the cloud. View a summary of your dive profile and check your logbook to find information about past dives or share your experience with friends and family.

Photo: Dylan Alcock/Unsplash

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