Breaking Financial Media Breakout Friday Sept. 23: Apple Fixes iPhone 14 Pro Camera Glitch, Credit Suisse Stock Drops in Anticipation of Capital Injection, Boeing Fined $200 Million for Misrepresenting 737 MAX Safety and More.. – Apple (NASDAQ) :AAPL), AMC Networks (NASDAQ:AMCX)


Twitter initiates fight against online misinformation as non-profit social networks gain momentum

  • Twitter Inc. TVTR hopes to provide more data to outside researchers who study online disinformation and moderation to counter growing criticism from global regulators and politicians.
  • Twitter will also open up an application process to allow more people working in academia, civil society and journalism to join the Twitter Moderation Research Consortium that Twitter formed earlier this year.

Troubled Credit Suisse shrinks to 52 weeks after new capital raising report

  • Credit Swiss Group AG KS shares fell after reports that the company is looking for new sources of capital.
  • The Swiss bank is reaching out to investors for the fourth time in about seven years as it tries to modernize its beleaguered investment banking arm, Reuters reported.
  • The report mentions that various scenarios are being discussed for the investment bank, including the most radical option for a mass exit from the US market.

China Southern Airlines places order with Airbus for 40 aircraft

  • China Southern Airlines Co.,Ltd CHKIF placed an order with Airbus SE EADSF EADSI for 40 aircraft of the A320neo family.
  • The order is expected to be worth about $4.85 billion.
  • The aircraft will be delivered to Xiamen Airlines, owned by China Southern Airlines, between 2024 and 2027.

Wall Street Journal

Humana, CVS Health is interested in acquiring a primary health care provider

  • US primary care provider Cano Health Inc. CANO Reportedly investigating a sale and working with consultants after receiving interest in an acquisition from Humana Inc HUM as well as CVS Health Corporation CVS.
  • hedge fund OOO “Third Point”which owns 6.4% of Cano, is pushing the company to list itself for sale as its share price has fallen since it went public in a SPAC deal last year.
  • People familiar with the situation told the Wall Street Journal that talks between Humana and Cano are underway in earnest.


Instagram to Tighten Content Moderation with Anti-Nudity Feature

  • Meta Platforms Inc. META Instagram has been working on a feature to allow users to block unsolicited nude photos in their private messages after they faced criticism for rampant online harassment.
  • “Nudity Protection” will be an additional privacy setting similar to the “Hidden Words” feature, which filters out messages containing offensive language and emoticons.
  • Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen just launched the nonprofit Beyond The Screen, marking a fresh open-source effort to hold social media platforms accountable for malicious practices.


Apple fixes iPhone 14 Pro camera glitch as promised

  • Apple Inc. AAPL has released a software update to fix bugs found in early iPhone 14 devices, including an issue that caused the device’s camera to shake when using certain apps.
  • The iOS 16.0.2 update fixes a glitch that caused the camera to vibrate and take blurry photos when using third-party apps like TikTok and Meta Platforms Inc. META Instagram.

Twitter wants to know if Elon Musk and ‘Mudge’ whistleblower had previous links as trial approaches

  • Judge of the Delaware Chancery Kathleen McCormickwho oversees the litigation between Twitter Inc. TVTR as well as Tesla Inc TSLA Executive Director Elon Musk ruled that the billionaire could amend his counterclaim to include the $7.8 million severance pay the social network paid to the whistleblower. Peter Zatko.
  • This is considered a small victory for Musk, as Twitter went ahead and made the payment on June 28, violating the terms of the contract it signed with Musk regarding his proposed takeover.

Boeing to pay $200 million to settle SEC charges over 737 MAX safety misrepresentation

  • Boeing Co bachelor agreed to pay $200 million to settle civil charges against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for misrepresenting public statements following the 2018 and 2019 plane crashes.
  • The accidents involved a Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and a flight control feature called the Maneuvering Performance Enhancement System (MCAS).
  • After the first crash, Boeing and its CEO Dennis A. Muilenburg, despite knowing that MCAS created an ongoing aircraft safety problem, reassured the public that the 737 MAX was “as safe as any other aircraft that, when or flew in the sky.

This company beat Boeing and Lockheed to win a $1 billion US Air Force missile contract.

  • Raytheon Technologies Corporation RTX won a nearly $1 billion contract to design, develop and manufacture new hypersonic weapons for USAFdefeating rivals Lockheed Martin Corp LMT as well as Boeing Co bachelor.
  • According to Pentagon“task” for Cruise missile hypersonic attack (HACM) was taken over by Raytheon. The $985 million contract will allow the company to prototype hypersonic attack cruise missiles, well ahead of the competition and become a leading manufacturer of strategic weapons.

CEO of Roku Poaches Fox Entertainment as President of Roku Media

  • Roku Inc. ROCU appointed three senior executives as presidents of the company’s Media, Devices, and Consumer Experience business lines.
  • Roku has appointed media industry veteran Charlie Collier as president of New York-based Roku Media from late October.
  • Collier, former AMS Seti Inc. AMSH Executive Director, currently CEO Fox Corp FOX Fox Entertainment Group.

NFL enters multi-year deal with Apple Music to sponsor Super Bowl Halftime Show

  • The National Football League entered into a multi-year agreement with Apple Inc. AAPL Apple Music will sponsor the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which kicks off with an American football championship game in February 2023.
  • A multi-year partnership brings the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the most popular music show of the year, to Apple Music, which offers the world’s best music listening experience powered by Spatial Audio.

WHO says COVID-19 complacency is taking a back seat to identifying new options

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that it is struggling to identify and track new variants of Covid as governments phase out testing.
  • The US federal government has suspended free home testing for COVID-19 due to lack of funding.
  • The warning comes from Norway and South Africa as the deployment of medical countermeasures and other tools has stalled.

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