Crossover: Weird Movies That Will Make You Say “What the Fuck Did I Just Watch?!”

The best weird movies make you go “WTF!?” – and then getting others to watch them so they can experience the bizarre and weird. You must see these…

Some movies are “turn off your brain” entertainment. Some films are touching stories about love and romance. And some movies… well, we’re not entirely sure. These are our favorite movies that just make you think, “What, did I just watch?” Join Danny, Chris and Martin how they show their favorite weird movies!

I bet the team saw some of my options but just didn’t get to them this time. They come from all over the world and were made with very different budgets. I hope the crew and I have a chance to share something else for you to share with your unsuspecting friends on your next movie night.


A story about a sentient tire that kills things with its mind. Do I need to say more?

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Entrance to the void

Director Gaspar Noé takes viewers on a journey through life after death from a first-person perspective. Oscar, a drug dealer living in Tokyo, is shot dead by the police. The rest of the film is a psychedelic head trip that follows Oscar’s post-death journey through his past, present, and future. He sees his parents, his sister, and his own autopsy. Not for people who have issues with flashing lights or disorienting cinematics.

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Riget he is Kingdom

This mini-series, directed by Lars von Trier, has a lot going for it – medical drama, black comedy and detective story. Everything that exists inside supernatural horror with some Cronenberg-worthy body horror. It has been broadcast in Danish since 1994 and tells strange stories about the neurosurgical department of the Copenhagen Rigshospitalet. There are ghosts living in sample jars, doctors selling things on the black market, a baby demon played by Udo Kier, and more. Three seasons available.

Save the green planet!

The man is convinced that his boss is an alien from Andromeda, kidnaps him, interrogates and tortures him in increasingly bizarre and cruel ways. All in the hope that he will get the supposed alien to confess his crimes to humanity and stop the planned destruction of Earth before it’s too late. The story is based on the fact that the director’s company killed the guy’s mom during a pharmaceutical test, so it’s all psychosis. Or not. He constantly fluctuates from “this guy is nuts” to “this guy is actually an alien” in a way that will leave you wondering.

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