Films originally rated NC-17

While some countries restrict films by age ratings, the US is surprisingly free by comparison. Nobody under 15 could see Terminator 2: Judgment Day in cinemas in the UK as early as 1991 or in reruns. In the US, they could see it in all its glory as long as they had a parent, guardian, or cool older sibling. However, there is one rating in the US that has an age limit and this is considered box office poison.

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Rated NC-17 rarely adheres to film because it limits its reach. Most theaters won’t show NC-17 movies, and most stores won’t have them because they’re either too violent or (most likely) too sexy. Some come to their defense, such as the 2011 film Shame, and the hope of critics that it would legitimize the rating. Others use them as a promotional tool, such as the Marilyn Monroe biopic. Blonde. But most either appeal to the rating or cut the film down to an R rating, like these eight films.


eight Robocop

The NC-17 was a replacement for the old X rating, but the standards remained the same when Paul Verhoeven made a film about identity, resurrection and commercialization. In addition, there is a cyborg cop who shoots criminals. Robocop has become a classic icon, appearing in cartoons, TV shows, video games and more, which is quite an achievement for such a graphically violent film.

The final product isn’t squeamish either, but the original version earned it an X rating. In particular, the MPAA paled in two scenes: Alex Murphy’s arm was blown off by a shotgun, and an innocent businessman was shot by an ED-209. They were cut for the theatrical release, but there is a director’s cut on DVD for the curious.

7 bad lieutenant

In 1990, the NC-17 rating went into effect, just in time for Abel Ferrara’s 1992 police drama about a cop investigating a rape case addicted to drugs and gambling. The rating was supposed to be more respectable than the X rating, but that still meant bad lieutenant couldn’t get into a blockbuster or get advertised in the papers. Eight minutes of adult video had to be cut to get an R rating.

The film also had legal trouble when it used the Schoolly D song “Signifying Rapper”, which was sued by Led Zeppelin for using a riff similar to “Kashmir”. The song ended up being cut from every subsequent home release, including the Artisan NC17 DVD release, but it still appears on the rare but censored US Laserdisc version. So no matter what cinephiles do, there is no truly “uncut” version of the film. bad lieutenant there.

6 Casino

1995 film by Martin Scorsese. Casino still stuck in the shadow of his earlier film Good guys. Both were films about the lives of famous gangsters, both were based on true events, and both featured Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and writer Nicola Pileggi. Except, Casino was based in Las Vegas and only took inspiration from the life story of a gangster (Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal) instead of direct adaptations such as Good guys.

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This is mainly due to the fact that it has undergone many legally required rewrites. Of course, the city is very similar to Las Vegas, and “Homecoming” – to Chicago, but in the film this cannot be said for sure. Then, when it was ruled out, the MPAA didn’t like the film’s violence. The infamous vice torture scene surprisingly didn’t elicit their ire, but Scorsese cut it, along with other shooting and torture scenes, to get an R rating.

5 Team America: World Police

Ever since their porn-themed superhero movie came out. Orgasmo rated NC-17 despite being fairly tame, Trey Parker and Matt Stone found ways to get around the classification boards – though not always with success. One of their victories was the replacement South Park original movie subtitle All hell breaks free with less hellish but more suggestive Bigger, Longer & Uncut. But their most famous example was their jocular, pro-war puppet comedy. Team America: World Police.

It featured a sex scene between protagonist Gary and love interest Sarah, which Parker and Stone were sure would draw the ire of the MPAA. So they intentionally made it more obscene by adding more positions and fetishes. So once Parker & Stone reverted it to their intended vision, the MPAA would be satisfied and give it an R rating. It worked, as the doll sex scene ended up being the only cut scene.

four Clerks

Anyone remember the hardcore sex and gore content of Kevin Smith’s classic 1994 film? Clerks? This is because it doesn’t exist. Smith still couldn’t afford it at the time, as the film’s budget was less than $28,000. It was a simple, cheap film about two shop assistants, Dante and Randal, and the people who surround them, but the film is still referred to for its funny scenes and dialogue.

However, this dialogue cost NC-17. The movie never shows Dante’s girlfriend Veronica verbally serving 37 men in her entire life, but her, Dante, and Randal talking about it (“In a row?!”) was enough for the MPAA to bring down the hammer. Miramax Films hired attorney Alan Dershowitz to appeal the decision. They succeeded and Clerks received an R rating without needing to cut anything.

3 hard target

Jean-Claude Van Damme looked set to take over the action scene in the early 1990s. Instead, it stuck in the Direct-to-DVD market. However, he was the leader in 1993. hard target, the first American film of the legendary action film John Woo. It follows former Marine Van Damme as he helps a young girl find out what happened to her father while being pursued by evil businessmen who prey on people for sport.

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The MPAA deemed it too violent and gave it an NC-17 rating. So, Wu cut it and resubmitted it, earning another NC-17 rating. He had to make 20 cuts from 5 more submissions before he was finally rated R, which cut the opening chase sequence and the burning warehouse ending. A completely uncut version has not yet been released in the US, but can be found abroad. However, the best scene where Van Damme hits the snake can be found in any version.

2 inside deep throat

The title is probably reason enough for it to get the rating. This 2005 documentary explores the creation, legacy and people behind the infamous 1972 porn movie. deep throat, how he got the biggest return on investment for any film ($600 million on a $25,000 budget) where that money went, and the sad story of its main star, Linda Lovelace.

Strikingly, it received an NC-17 rating for its sexual content. So, the creators replaced the hardcore scenes with softer equivalents to save runtime and get an R rating. Surprisingly, the uncut edition made it to US theaters. It was also released in Germany with an FSK rating of 16 (for people aged 16 and over), so German teenagers could see the title act in this documentary, but they would have to wait another 2 years before they could buy the rated film FSK 18. Yakuza 0 from shops.

one This movie has not been rated yet.

Germany is known to crack down on violent and gory content, while spicier content is treated more gently. Conversely, the MPAA is more likely to give an R rating to violent action films than to films with sex or nudity, especially if it was “unconventional”. 2006 Kirby Dick documentary This movie has not been rated yet. interviewed directors such as Matt Stone, Kevin Smith, John Waters and others about MPAA bias and censorship in general.

It also showed cut content from Team America: World Police, Boys don’t cry and others, resulting in it being labeled NC-17. Dick filed an appeal, citing that the final release had extra footage that made the early cut, in their opinion, outdated. While it was released, it was never re-submitted for a new rating. That’s why even now this movie is still not rated.

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