Hunter Biden’s laptop may contain answers to GOP interest in Chinese business deals

Hunter Biden’s laptop hourArd Drive likely contains an answer to Republicans in the House of Representatives about President’s son Joe Biden’s business deals with China, including his efforts to secure US natural gas deals with an energy conglomerate linked to the Chinese government.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), a senior member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, sent letters to Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen in May, June and September and alleged that the Treasury Department continued to obstruct his efforts to get responses to Hunter. Biden’s suspicious financial transactions are linked to China and other countries.

Comer’s latest letter detailed Hunter’s efforts to secure deals with China’s CEFC China Energy, as well as Washington Examiner I can confirm that his laptop hard drive is full of evidence of these efforts.

GOP watches Biden family business dealings as president insists there’s nothing to see there

“Republicans on the Committee are seeking this information to determine the extent of President Biden’s involvement in these plans to sell America’s interests to China, a foreign adversary,” Comer Yellen said in a letter this week. “Please file all China-related suspicious activity reports, including the CEFC venture envisaged by the maps and the presentation presented here, describing a plan to sell America’s energy independence to China.”

The Republican Chamber included excerpts from a December 2017 business presentation emailed to Hunter by his aide Jiaqi Bao, who is said to have previously worked for the Chinese government’s National Development and Reform Commission and an investment firm linked to the Communist Party before than to work with Hunter through his Hudson West. business.

Overview of the U.S. Natural Gas Network - Front Page

Overview of the front page of the U.S. natural gas network, from James Comer’s letter to Janet Yellen, September 20, 2022.

Washington Examiner review of the laptop shows dozens of messages between Bao and Hunter. Washington Examiner commissioned Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos to perform a full forensic examination of the laptop, and he concluded that “the data contained on the hard drive is genuine.”

Comer focused on selling American natural resources, namely natural gas, to China. The Republicans included a title page translated from Chinese titled “Overview of the U.S. Gas Industry Network”. The GOP letter also includes other excerpts from the presentation, including “Map of Shale Gas Producing Areas in the 48 Continental States” and “Map of U.S. Natural Gas Producing Areas and State Capitals, 2016.”

    Map of shale gas production areas in the 48 states of the continental United States

Map of shale gas production areas in the 48 states of the continental United States from a letter from James Comer to Janet Yellen dated September 20, 2022.

2016 map of U.S. natural gas production areas and state capitals

Map of U.S. natural gas production areas and state capitals, 2016, from James Comer’s letter to Janet Yellen dated September 20, 2022

“These maps, along with a complex analysis written in Chinese, are part of a larger presentation emailed to Hunter Biden showing the division of the United States based on natural gas reserves,” Comer wrote. “The emails that accompany the handed over cards reveal a plan to sell U.S. natural gas reserves to China through the same corporation featured in the presentation – Hudson West – set up by Hunter Biden with officials from a Chinese company.”

Hunter’s laptop contains dozens of other emails and documents related to this energy venture and other deal-making efforts with CEFC and Chinese businessmen. These deals are believed to be scrutinized by the Department of Justice.

“Documents obtained by the Republican Committee show that the Biden family received millions of dollars from Chinese businesses with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party and therefore the Chinese government to sell American natural gas to China,” Comer Yellen said.

Comer also included a copy of a bank transfer order from Hunter and his CEFC business partner Gongwen Dong to a Mississippi law firm in January 2018 when Hudson West sent $14,351.88 to a US law firm in connection with a Chinese business plan.

Wire transfer from Cathay account holders R. Hunter Biden and CEFC China Energy Company Limited emissary Gongwen Dong to a Mississippi law firm

Wire transfer order via letter from James Comer to Janet Yellen dated September 20, 2022

Hunter’s November 2017 email to Gongwen, which was supposed to be forwarded to CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, was also included by Comer and gave insight into Biden Jr.’s business efforts. As a result, CEFC sent millions of dollars to businesses associated with Hunter Biden.

Email from R. Hunter Biden to Gongwen Dong (aka Kevin), CEFC emissary, for forwarding to Ye Jianming, founder and chairman of CEFC China Energy Company Limited.

“I look forward to seeing you at home in New York next week. I have a lot to say about our partnership here in the United States. … I hope you have received the information I have sent about LNG opportunities in Louisiana,” Hunter Biden wrote, adding: “The proposal I have shared with you has the added benefit of being good for both the United States and for China. simultaneously.”

Ye has since disappeared in China after state media linked him to a 2018 corruption case that bankrupted CEFC.

First Deputy Ye Patrick Ho was sentenced to three years in prison in 2019 for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Ho was deported to Hong Kong in June 2021.

Hunter entered into a $1 million legal settlement with Ho following his arrest.

Comer noted that Hunter referred to Ho as “China’s fucking intelligence chief” in a 47-minute May 2018 audio recording found on a copy of his laptop.

The Republican also included an email from Hunter about setting up office space for a collaborative effort between Hudson West and CEFC. Hunter sent an email in September 2017 stating that his father Joe and Uncle James were his business partners and giving his father’s mobile phone number.

Email from R. Hunter Biden about arranging office space for the Hudson West/CEFC joint venture

“According to additional information provided by the whistleblower, Joe Biden was involved in this deal as a business partner, and documents show that he even had office space to work on the deal,” Comer Yellen also said.

The Republican included a May 2017 WhatsApp message provided to the committee by a “whistleblower”. In it, Hunter’s business partner James Gilliar wrote, “Don’t mention Joe was involved, it’s only when you’re face to face, I know you know that, but they’re paranoid.” The other person replied, “OK, they must be paranoid.” Gilliar replied, “Actually.”

Gilliar and Bobulinski

Communications by Gilliar and Bobulinski via letter from James Comer to Janet Yellen dated September 20, 2022.

Another employee can be identified as Tony Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and Hunter’s former business partner.

The message is part of many hundreds of documents from Bobulinsky received by Washington Examinerincluding dozens of texts, emails, letters and business proposals.

Bobulinski spoke at a press conference shortly before the final presidential debate between then-candidate Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in October 2020, where he said it was “a lie” when Joe Biden said he had never discussed matters with Hunter, saying that he was introduced by Joe Hunter in May 2017. Bobulinski said he “discussed the history of the Bidens and the business plans of the Biden family with the Chinese, with whom he was clearly familiar, at least at a high level,” during that hour-long discussion.

The Biden campaign then denied this.


“We are asking for all SARs on Biden family transactions, including transactions involving President Biden related to transactions with Chinese entities,” Comer Yellen said. “We are concerned that the president may have compromised national security in his dealings with the country most unfavorable to U.S. interests, China.”

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