Jamie Lee Curtis and other horror films

Bloomhouse Productions murder this lately and Jason BlumeCEO of the company, absolutely became Walt Disney horror. On October 2, Blumhouse Television and Epix will bring fans a five-part documentary series. Blumhouse Horror Collection, which features the titans of the genre discussing the impact that horror films have had on society, and vice versa, since its earliest days. Ahead of the series’ premiere, Blumhouse released an official trailer that takes a look at the actors and directors behind these memorable films, as well as iconic moments in horror history.

In the same vein as Shudder. Queer from fear, Horror Collection explores the farthest corners of everything terrifying and unthinkable. Epix President Michael Wright says: “For more than a century, horror films have been an integral part of the American cultural lexicon, and we couldn’t think of a better partner to explore the history of the genre than Blumhouse, who have consistently raised the bar in the film industry. horror space for over 20 years.” Giving us all different horror ranges, including this year black phoneand upcoming final release David Gordon Greentrilogy Halloween is endingthe team just feels good for this deep dive.


The trailer exudes impeccable camp vibes, with white-hot lightning crackling across the screen and a raspy voice echoing 1941s clips. wolf man and other universal classic monsters. The short half-minute video reveals the layered tricks and treats. Compendium designed for fans, with numerous cameos from actors and directors to be featured in the five-part series. The world seems to be nostalgic for horror films, as evidenced by popular series such as very strange things and films like Ti Westreference to the 70s Tobe HooperX The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Xas well as all remakes and reboots like Hulu Hellraiser. The documentary series assesses how the genre touches on real-world issues and how those issues inspire classics and beyond.

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CompendiumThe trailer reveals some of the biggest names in the horror industry today that are featured on the show. These faces of terror include Tobin Bellfrom Saw franchise, Evil DeadX Bruce Campbellthe last girl of all the final girls, Jamie Lee Curtis, Keith David (Thing), Bones director Ernest R. Dickerson, Marcus Henderson (Get out), Judy Greer, Karin Kusama, Greg Nicotero, Patton Oswalt, George S. Romero as well as Kevin Smith.

Some of them can be seen in movie trailers with names that influenced their passion for the darkest and most camp king. Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) is singled out as the series’ narrator. However, it is Campbell who suggests in the clip that creepy movies persist because “in good times and bad people need entertainment, and in bad times they go to watch horror movies.”

The documentary series is executive produced by Bloom, Wright, Mary Lysio, Ryan Turek, Jeremy Gold as well as Jill Burkhart. documentary James Buddy Day acts as showrunner.

Blumhouse Horror Collection It will premiere on October 2nd on Epix. Check out the trailer below:

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