Local director to present third film on the red carpet

Stephen Peppers likes two things, well three if you count Dr. Pepper, he likes Batman and making movies, but above all he is a follower of Jesus Christ. In fact, it was his love for Batman and faith that launched his film career at an early age.

Peppers wasn’t allowed to watch Batman films growing up due to violence and language, so he decided to make his own Batman films and that’s how his love of filmmaking began.

Peppers is now a student at Chattouga High School and is projected to graduate in May 2023 as a valedictorian and recently completed his third film. hidden pies. hidden pies The premiere will take place at the Historic DeSoto Theater in Rome, Georgia on Saturday, September 24 at 6:00 pm.

“I’m very excited about the premiere of Undercover Pies,” Peppers said. “One of the most satisfying moments in the process of filmmaking is the opportunity to see your film with the audience. Getting feedback from the audience, both during the film and after the film, helps me as a director to keep what worked and improve what didn’t. I am also very grateful to David and Christy Parker for their help with the film’s premiere at the historic DeSoto Theater in central Rome.”

hidden pies is the story of secret agent Jack Ferron, chief agent of the National Association of Spies and Assassins (NASA), who has to complete the most difficult mission – pizza delivery. Recently transferred to the Secret Pizza Department, Jack will have to overcome a major bug in this mission.

Peppers – director, cameraman and editor hidden pies.

“All great directors have a vision of how they want their film to look on screen months before the cameras start filming,” Peppers said. “As a director, I worked closely with the film’s screenwriter (Sean Wegener) to create a script that we both enjoyed. I assembled a talented group of people who became my cast and crew for the film. I worked with my cast to bring their performance as close to my vision of the film as possible. I worked with my team to ensure everything was filmed well and on schedule. I worked closely with my composer to create the score for the film. And as an editor, I took all the elements recorded on set and put them together to create the finished product.”

Peppers plans to continue his work as a full-time videographer, and after graduation, will continue to create short and feature films: “I love working in the film industry, and it’s incredible that there are many opportunities to work on film sets in Georgia.”

The Georgia film industry has grown into a multibillion-dollar enterprise, and the guy from Summerville who started making Batman movies is hoping to get big enough to one day own a Batmobile, but money and fame isn’t what Peppers makes movies for.”but mostly I want to be a director because I believe that is the talent God has given me to share the gospel through films.”

“Undercover Pies”


Dylan Bryson – Jack Ferron

Don Grouse Simon Green

Anna Willeford – Felicity Balisong

Levi Burdick – NASA Boss

Stetson Peppers – Grandson

Directed by Stephen Peppers

Screenwriter – Sean Wegener

Composer: Nicholas Scott.

Audio – Stanton Peppers

BTS – Darien Aguilar

Pennsylvania – Maghan Peppers

Pennsylvania – Barry Peppers

Poster — Benjamin Craven

Steven is the owner of Peppers Productions, which is his personal video production company. He can be hired to shoot weddings, sports videos, commercials and more.

While we’re all waiting for the premiere hidden piesenjoy Steven’s first two films below and interview in the spotlight.

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