The best films and series with Jennifer Coolidge and how to watch them

When I think of some of the funniest actresses, it always comes to mind. immediately Jennifer Coolidge. Although I didn’t know it as a child, Coolidge was honestly one of the foundations of my love of cinema because she starred in several films that I loved then and still love, and only as an adult. I have come to the conclusion that she is excellent in both comedic and dramatic roles.

From her appearances on some hilarious TV shows to my favorite films, there are some great projects starring Jennifer Coolidge that I’m sure you (and I) would love to watch over and over again. For the best Jennifer Coolidge movies and TV shows streaming right now, be sure to check out the selection below.

Jennifer Coolidge in American Pie.

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

American Pie films (1999–2012)

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